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Teacher of the Year


BES is pleased to announce that our 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year is Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Carrie Newkirk!  

My name is Carrie Newkirk and teaching Kindergarten has been my passion at Blandford Elementary School going on 18 years now. It’s my job to make Kindergarteners’ first experience of learning in a big school environment fun, enjoyable, and safe while making learning come alive leaving the learners feel like they are at Disney  Land! It warms heart to set the stage to engage and turn my classroom into an environment geared around themes. We thrive as learners to know that we can do hard things and practicing with hands on engaging actives while working with others.  It’s a blessing to do what I love day in and day out because that’s when coming to work does feel like work! Kindergarteners love hard and it makes my heart smile to know it starts with me! Thanks for believing and supporting me all these years Blue Jays!